Huron Lighthouse and Fishing Pier
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It’s no longer used as a lighthouse, but it stands out there demanding attention anyway. There is a long concrete pier, and it’s a popular place where people like to go and fish. You can walk the length of the pier, and at the end is a raised platform, also made of concrete. It’s easily accessible with a walk up ramp, so you can get on the platform and look out over the water. A stationary tourist binocular is a permanent fixture, set up for your viewing!

But beyond the viewing platform is what intrigued me.

There is a rock breaker wall, made out of big chunks of flat limestone, and you can walk out on it all the way to the lighthouse!

Lake Erie Lighthouse tour
Going out to the Lighthouse!

Once there, if you’re feeling brave enough, you can climb over more rocks to the base of the lighthouse and walk around it.

There is a stone quarry across the channel and the equipment runs constantly so it tends to be a little noisy, otherwise it is a nice, peaceful walk.

Lake Erie Lighthouse tour
Walking back to the pier!

Vermilion Lighthouse (Replica) and Main Street Beach

This lighthouse is really just a small replica of one from long ago, structured on the beach behind the museum it belongs to, the Inland Seas Maritime Museum.
Lake Erie Lighthouse tour

The fun thing about this stop is there is a free beach, and although I had not arrived prepared to swim in the water, I did make it a point to wade in and get my feet wet. The beach has a small deck platform with picnic tables and umbrellas, fairly decent parking along the street, and it was pretty clean.

Unfortunately, the museum was closed by the time I got there, so I didn’t get to look inside, but I’d say it would be worth going back and having a look!

All and all this was a fun day, I took my time seeing the sights. There are tons of fun things to discover along the shores of Lake Erie, including a self-guided tour, such as this one. Treat yourself!

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