Today is Earth Day! In honor of Mother Nature and her awesomeness, this post celebrates the four seasons and the life cycle of nature. We visited Gorman Nature Center, which is a great place to explore all year round. Located in Richland County, Ohio, just off of Lexington Avenue (St Rte 42) in Mansfield, the nature center area consists of woods, grasslands, ponds and fields stretching over 150 acres in all. It offers miles of trails over different terrains, wildlife, scenic views, picnic areas and more!

We started our little trip around the sun at Gorman Nature Center during the summer of 2016. We continued to visit and explore during each season. The Planet Earth has now made another journey around its orbital path; we are fast approaching full circle. So, almost one year later, we bring you the visual cycle of the seasons from Gorman Nature Center. Enjoy!

Similar scenes for each season:

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Pictures of Summer 2016:


Pictures of Fall 2016:


Winter 2016 Pictures:


Spring 2017 Pictures:


Visit Gorman Nature Center at 2295 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield, Ohio 44907; and on the web at

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