Tiny Travelers Take Over Massachusetts!

Our guest author is David, part of the trio of tiny travelers as he chronicles his trip to Boston's North Shore! Summer 2016 Hi! David of the Tiny Travelers here. That’s me in the middle, posing with my awesome travel buddies Priam and Sano. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a little about the time … Continue reading Tiny Travelers Take Over Massachusetts!


Let’s Celebrate New Mexico

Yes, it is the land of enchantment and, yes, I miss it. Our family moved away from New Mexico 10 years ago. The reasons for the move are too involved and complicated to explain, but we had always intended to get back that way. Some day. The day has come! Summer of 2017! We plan to … Continue reading Let’s Celebrate New Mexico

We Only Went for Ice Cream . . .

Approaching from the highway, you would hardly know it was there except for the signs. It seems the most unlikely place to sell ice cream, but upon entering the parking lot, you know. You see the Ye Olde Mill, a building that immediately makes you think of a Swiss or Dutch-style cottage, the kind like … Continue reading We Only Went for Ice Cream . . .