Yes, it is the land of enchantment and, yes, I miss it. Our family moved away from New Mexico 10 years ago. The reasons for the move are too involved and complicated to explain, but we had always intended to get back that way. Some day.

The day has come! Summer of 2017! We plan to spend some time there over the summer.

I’ll explain. My husband and I ended up settling in New Mexico years ago, after we had quit our jobs in the Midwest and traveled around a while. True, we sort of ran out of money there – but we loved it. Soon we were working and living there. We had wonderful times and adventures, but best of all we made some wonderful friendships that we still cherish to this day!

So, this summer, we will be taking the kids and doing a road trip much like the original one we traveled all those years ago. When we get to New Mexico and Arizona, we plan to visit a lot of old friends and familiar places. Below is a video for your enjoyment from NM Life facebook page, posted by Smithsonian Channel.

So beautiful!

New Mexico or Bust!