Our guest author is David, part of the trio of tiny travelers as he chronicles his trip to Boston’s North Shore!

Summer 2016


Hi! David of the Tiny Travelers here. That’s me in the middle, posing with my awesome travel buddies Priam and Sano. Anyway, I’m going to tell you a little about the time we explored the great state of Massachusetts. Rather than the big tourist attractions, our visit brought us to some less-known sites – local favorites and hidden gems. We were unable (or sometimes just too lazy) to photograph the whole trip, but we were lucky to get pictures of some highlights. I’d like to share some of my favorites!

Spent the day shopping in Ipswich! They have an awesome toy store (unfortunately not pictured here; we wanted to have the name of the town in the glamour shot. This store was cool, too, though).



Playing in the fountain at Newburyport! We went to the festival too.



Watching the sailboats at Newburyport.


Newburyport is beautiful!


We toured the old graveyard in Salem.




From here we could see the beach at Salem Willows Park…
More sailboat watching at Willows Park



This is the army tank we saw in Salem, on the way back from Willows Park. Pretty cool, huh? It was in a public park with a playground! We stopped at the playground, too, but it was so fun we forgot to take pictures!


We got to play at the beach in Beverly! Love those east coast beaches – so beautiful. That’s a fence behind us, because it’s a sheer drop to the ocean from here! (There’s a ramp, a few feet from where we were sitting, that leads to the sand. There was a lot of seaweed on the shore, but it didn’t bother us!)

Did you enjoy the pictures? We sure enjoyed the trip! And we have more stories to tell, if only we could decide… Comment below: which part of our journey would you like to hear more about?


Visit David and his friends at the website, Stories for Tigers.