Featured Guest Post by H2YK

convention center outsideWe’ve heard of Colassalcon, but every June there was always something else going on and we never actually made it to the show.  Held annually at the Kalahari Convention Center and Resort in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, this is a four-day anime convention that attracts anime and gaming fans from all over the country.

JP Gas powered jeep
It’s the Gas Powered Jeep from Jurassic Park!

We are seasoned con-goers.  We attend the Ohyaocon in Columbus, Ohio every year in January.  We have a table at artist alley at Animarathon in Bowling Green, Ohio; at Alamcon in Alma, Michigan, UBcon in Buffalo, NY;  Anime Boston in Boston, MA, and at Camp Anime in Woodstock, CT.  Most of these are smaller, fun conventions, but both the Ohyaocon and Colassalcon are the largest in Ohio.  Being seasoned Ohyaocon attendees, we were expecting much of the same at Colassalcon.  I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised.  Admittance was quick and easy, everything seemed very well organized, and things were mapped out in a sensible manner.  The Kalahari Resort is very pleasant.  In spite of it’s spacious spread, it didn’t feel like we walked forever.  Colassalcon had a huge convention attitude with a small convention feel.  All in all, it was an all-day experience that didn’t feel like a chore towards the end.

The dealer room and artist alley were well plotted out.  It didn’t feel like they were trying to cram as many dealers into a tiny space.  Artist Alley had some fantastic artists and even several empty tables.  The game room was crowded and the panels fun.  Even the line for the food court was quick – only about a ten minute wait for a long line, unlike waiting for forty-five minutes at the food court at Ohyaocon.  It was incredibly well organized.

The best part about Colassalcon was, of course, getting together with other gamers and otaku.  Fans go all out for the costumes, dressing up as their favorite characters from video games, anime, and manga.  You’ll even see Disney Princesses and Marvel and DC comic characters, as well as people from movies like Star Wars and franchises like Star Trek.

View Gallery from Colassalcon here.

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